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The Benefits Of Online Learning Essay

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Online education is an alternative way of study that has been setting ground steadily among students. Also known as e-learning or distance education, it is a style of learning in which the student is not required to physically sit in a classroom. As a matter of fact, online students have the word as their classroom and the freedom to access the course materials at will because of the flexibility e-learning provides (Bowen, Chingos, Lack & Nygren, 2013). The office of Educational Technology of the US Department of Education reports that online learning offers a potential for educational productivity (Bakia, Shear, Tomaya & Lasseter, 2012). In other words, it is possible that the teaching and learning styles become more prolific as a result of online education. Over the last decade, online education has been the option for many students, especially those with many responsibilities (Bowen, Chingos, Lack & Nygren, 2013). Online education’s convenience, allows them to get results as good as if they were taking traditional classes - the classes in which face to face contact is predominant; however, e-learning’s high costs, embedded in technology development, and the overall satisfaction of the students can be a set back.
The cost of online education is rather higher than that of traditional education. There is a common belief that by taking online courses students will face lower costs and prices, but that is far from the truth (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). In fact, many online courses are much more expensive. Looking at the California State University (CalState), a clear example of that is shown (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). Studying Business Administration traditionally will cost around $21,888 for the 2013/2014 school year (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). However, to take the same course at the Fullerton campus of CalState Online the student would spend approximately $47,700 (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). E-learning expert and educational technology consultant, Phil Hill, warns that “Quality online education costs real money… Someone has to pay.” (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). The student will pay all of those costs. According to him, this money would go towards the student services, the course instructors, technology maintenance, and so on (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). Furthermore, nowadays universities have hurried to “go online” and the expanding costs also fall on the students’ backs (The “Promises” of Online Education: Reducing costs, n.d.). Taking a close look at distance education, it is noticeable that there are many more costs linked to it than to traditionally learning, which can turn e-learning inaccessible to those with few financial possibilities.
An option to consider is the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), which are “open to anyone who wishes to enroll, and...

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