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Online Learning Vs. Traditional Classroom Learning

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In the past, most college students were limited in their options regarding how they obtain their education. However, now a day’s students have various options. Students are able to choose whether they want to complete their education through online learning, rather than in a traditional classroom. As, a student is making that choice it is critical that they choose the best learning environment that allows them to meets their individual needs. When students are selecting the best learning environment there are various consideration that should be made before a decision is made. Education ourselves about the benefits and disadvantages allows us to narrow our selection between online learning ...view middle of the document...

In a traditional classroom you are able to listen to a lecture and participate in various activities that the instructor has prepared. Being able to go to a traditional classroom allows you to opportunity to participate in hands on activities. For instance, my first year at Brandman University I learned so much from my instructor because of the methods that strategies he used to help me learn the material. The instructor prepared activities that allowed me the opportunity to interact face to face with my peers. If I was confused or needed clarification with an assignment I was able to ask the instructor. I was able to build a positive relationship with my peers and instructor.
Furthermore, my instructor motivated and inspirited me to want to become an early childhood educator. Being able to attend a traditional classroom allows you to build a relationship with the student. Students are able to feel comfortable asking for help. I have to admit my first semester if it was not for my instructors motivational words to me I would have felt lost and confused. However, my instructor took the time to guide my on my educational journey. Teaching in being to understand your students...

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