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Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning Essay

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E-Learning and traditional classroom learning are the styles of learning. Many conversation is going on this topic that which is the best learning styles? or which of the learning should be eliminate? As nothing is perfect, learning styles also has its pros and cons.
Internet learning is also known as E-Learning. It can be accessed any-time, anywhere in this world. According to Dr. Allison Rossett, she said; “The delivery of learning, training or education program by electronic means. E-Learning involves the use of a computer and electronic device to provide training, education or learning material” Rossett consider that e-Learning gives us three things: Knowledge, Performance support and ...view middle of the document...

According to Yuri Quintana, E Pratt and N Sullivan, there are some advantages and disadvantages of Internet-based Learning. The advantages of E-Learning: it provides to gain education or take classes at personally selected time, enables interaction with classmates in different locations with the help of audio CDs, Video CDs, and real time chat, also reduces the cost of travelling to attend lectures. Students using the E-Learning style have more opinion and reviews about the topic.
There are also cons to the E-Learning, one of them is it reduces face to face interactions for reviews to the questions that were asked by instructor. When the student is not motivated, they usually don’t like class and they just drop out. The cost is one of the reason for E-Learning style because it requires computer and internet to study which may reduce the number of students who can’t afford this equipment’s. The E-Learning style may be difficult for some students to use because they don’t know how to operate a computer. In E-Learning styles, students can easily ignore their instructor.

According to Spencer Hendricks, the traditional classroom is known because it provides a means through which learning happens. Traditional classroom learning specially designed and furnished to provide a favorable learning environment for the students. Spencer also consider the pros and cons for classroom learning. The advantage of traditional classroom learning: it is easy for students to ask an immediate response to their specific questions from the instructor present in that classroom. Traditional classroom learning is closed and protect from outside disturbance. Another advantage of traditional classroom is that it provides students a timed schedule and specific...

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