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I swear I will never do that again. That Saturday morning he called me from the bus station. I thought this moment would never come, but today I would finally be meeting what I thought was my true love.A little over three years ago I had first talked to him over the Internet. We were totally different people. He was twenty-three, I was fourteen, but that didn't matter. We shared the same thoughts, the same views, the same world. It was real, not only were we in love, we were best friends. We talked all day long, on the phone or Internet. My parents didn't really know too much about the relationship, to them he was just a name. My friends on the other hand, thought I was nuts. Dirty Internet men were nothing new, they all knew the stories and never failed to constantly remind me of them. My situation was nothing like that though. This was love. At least I thought it could be love.On my way to the bus station, I wasn't feeling love. It was a lot of mixed emotions, but not love. With no radio on, the drive was completely silent, but my thoughts were loud, it was as if I was shouting in my mind. I was freaking out, panicking."What if he's ugly? What if he's ugly?" That became the one thought that exceeded the rest of my worries. It was all too late to tell him not to visit me now, he was here, and he was waiting for me. I turned into the bus station and stared at all the people who had just come off the last bus. Waiting for their rides, they crowded around the benches. None of them remotely resembled the pictures I had received from him.Turning my car around to park I could see a figure standing in the phone booth. I prayed to God that wasn't him. It couldn't be him. What kind of idiot would wait in a phone booth? I could just imagine all the bench people, watching me pick up the phone booth dweller. That was just the beginning.He came out and was dressed in a large homely looking pull over jacket, with khaki pants that could have been stolen from his grandfather. His face was red from razor burn, and his hair was recently cut... unevenly. With total and utter embarrassment I lowered the passenger side window and we said our hellos.As he got into the car I could feel my stomach turning. I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time, then throw him out of my car and speed off in my car. He looked handicapped, for three years I had been in love with a special guy, I just never knew he was that type of special.I didn't know what to do with him, but I knew I wanted nothing to do with him! He suggested that we go out somewhere. Where the hell could I take him without being seen with him? I could always say he was a relative... I chose an old fast food restaurant, suspecting it was least likely anyone I knew would be there. We ordered our food and he insisted on paying for mine. I resisted, I didn't need him to do me any favors, but he won the battle only because I hated looking at him. We sat down and to my surprise my cousin and her boyfriend at the time...

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