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Internet Marketing And Social Media Essay

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Since the invention of the Internet, and it’s global popularity, the Internet has become an essential resource for companies trying to market their product or service. With consumers attached to their smart phones and other electronics, the Internet, and apps on various devices the controlling platforms for marketing. With the speed of the Internet and its availability to many people, it is the most effective way of marketing. The Internet has strengthened the relationship between marketers and customer.

The Internet was not always as convenient as it is today. The high speeds available have grown exponentially since the introduction of bandwidth. “Until 2007 most Americans lacked high-speed Internet connections at home” (Conlin, 2014) Also, the amount of people using the web globally has increased over a thousand million since the turn of the twenty-first century. “The Worldwide Web (WWW)2 – as a medium for entertainment and news – did not exist as an effective communications medium until the 1990s.” (Conlin, n.d.) This development of the web has created a means for Internet marketers to reach limitless potential customers all over the world.

Internet marketing has reached new heights because of web programing. Google first introduced algorithms that allowed its marketers to follow individual people’s web searches and sites they visited.

The search engine provided marketing executives with information about the viewing habits—what viewers saw, how long they spent on the page, and what links they clicked. Google made it easy for marketers and advertisers to find out who looked at what website (media) and when, giving marketers the opportunity to target their advertisements more effectively. (Conlin, 2014, p. 6)

The algorithm helped marketers categorized viewers by websites visited, age, salary, occupation, and luxury spending. These consumer evaluations called e-scores, makes the Internet marketer’s job easy. They can help the marketer personalize how a company markets to match consumer preference. Products or services for specific detected efficiently with accumulated data on individuals.

Data is the driving force of Internet marketing. Companies no longer need to make rough approximation to figure out who is interested in their brand. Data collection can be overwhelming to companies. People spend one third of their day on a device. They are usually on the Internet. Over a span of an hour an individual have visited over ten sites. They millions of people all doing this creates huge amounts of data to sift through. Data allows for marketers to segment their target markets according to demographics, geographic, psychographic, and behavioristic. Simplifying the process of advertising. Allowing them group individuals with similar lifestyles together.

With e-score’s companies are catering to individuals with similar interest. They are getting to know their customer. They find out what a customer buys when they buy it, and what interests...

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