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Marketing Strategy And Future Positioning Of Gordon Highlander Museum

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Executive SummaryGiven the demands of today's competitive and dynamic environment, it is quite challenging to understand strategic marketing issues facing organizations and develop the capability for long term business success. In this case study, this report aims to explore the marketing strategy of Gordon Highlanders Museum (GHM) in order to build and maintain a competitive advantage in the dynamic marketplace. The critical analysis mainly focused on how marketing mix 7'P's in GHM come together to build and develop the existing museum's marketing strategy. More specifically, existing overall marketing strategy in GHM emphasize the differentiation option on product, price and promotion to meet the demand of adult, senior citizen, children and other different visitor group. And it also combines with focus strategy to build the customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.In addition, based on the 7Ps analysis, the strategic opinion for GHM in future is also identified as a combination with differentiated and focused strategy in order to build the awareness of visitors as well as profit generation. Moreover, differentiated strategy of GHM should emphasize three offers: product, promotion and process to enhance its competitive advantage. More specifically, process act as marketing mix in future can be improved by offer on-line booking service on line to boost its efficiency. Finally, future position of GHM is presented after the analysis of its target market and its differentiated advantageand. It should emphasize on offering the unique visit experience in the featured environment to distinguish its advantage with other competitors in a sustainable way.All in all, it is important to be aware of the success of marketing strategy is largely relied on successful implementation by senior managers in GHM.Page1.0Introduction32.0Existing marketing strategy analysis 32.17'P's analysis in GHM2.1.1 Product2.1.2 Price2.1.3 Promotion2.1.4 Place2.1.5 People2.1.6 Process2.1.7 Process2.2Identify overall strategy 7-83.0 Future strategy option 8-94.0 Positioning 9-105.0 Conclusion 106.0Lists of References 117.0Lists of Bibliography 11Gordon Highlanders Museum (GHM) is one of the main local visit attractions in Aberdeen. It has unique collection of regiment's treasures and dramatic story of one of the British Army's most famous regiments, which spans 200 years of world history. The attractiveness in GHM is its unique history as well as a variety of special product and service. And the museum employs professional managers to introduce new approaches, marketing strategies and promotional activities at low costs, which would increase the number of visitors and income generation.This report analyzes all the elements (7Ps) of existing marking strategy of GHM and. After assessment of current marketing strategy of GHM, a future strategy option is presented to raise the awareness of visitors and generate income to make ends meet. Finally, how to positioning in future for GHM...

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