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“Cooking, cooking, cooking! Am I not as important as your cooking? All day long you try to cook new food. Yet you don’t know that your food is disgusting!”
Nina threw the spatula into her frying pan, “Joshua, I’ve had enough of your nonsense! Every day I stay home, do the house work and cook for you. But you’re always complaining that my food is burnt or it’s flavourless, when it’s not. My family and friends don’t think so and I don’t either. It’s just you! Do you really hate me that much? You know that I love cooking; it’s my only way to express my feelings. Three years. It’s only been three years and you’ve completely changed.”
She dashed to her room with her head buried in her hands ...view middle of the document...

The suffocating, putrid odour of burnt eggs pervaded the kitchen. The odour burnt Joshua’s nostril, causing him to choke and sputter. He rushed over and turned off the stove. Joshua ambled across the hallway then slumped against the sofa and closed his eyes, cradling his guitar in his arms like a lover.
His phone vibrated. He grunted as he reached over the coffee table to check the message. Joshua’s face lifted as soon as he checked the notification sent from the new socialising app he had discovered. It was an inbox from the online friend he had started talking to a few weeks ago with the username of “cookingismylife.” Joshua admired this girl, not just because she had a bubbly personality, but because she made him realise that love was not simply based on appearance, but it’s to love them for whoever they are and however they look. This admiration gradually grew even though he didn’t know what she looked like. The message read, “I just had a fight with my husband, I feel like he doesn’t love me anymore, maybe you’re the only person I can talk to who actually cares about me.” Joshua re-read the message several times, typed his response but then deleted it. He was very cautious about choosing the right things to say, otherwise he might offend her in some way. Five minutes later he sent a message back, “Don’t be sad. You are a lovely girl, your husband doesn’t respect you but I do, I will always be here for you no matter what.” He locked his phone, placed it down on the coffee table, and continued cradling his guitar, except this time he was playing a happy melodic tune.
His phone vibrated. He quickly reached out to the phone, read the message and felt his heart melt. “I love you.” His admiration towards this special girl was so strong that he decided to express his feelings, hoping that this would change his life. Ten minutes. It wasn’t until ten minutes later that he had sent the message that could change his life forever. “Honestly, I feel like my marriage is falling apart because my wife is unbearable. She cooks but her food is disgusting, while you once told me that your cooking was featured in the...

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