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Online Pet Shop Essay

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Motivation and Problem Statement
Nowadays, people are busy in their daily life and having a lot of stress from their working area. Most of them would like to have a pet to accompany them in their daily life and also can release the stress that they received. For example, having a dog is a good choice for most people who want to have a pet. Dog not only a very good companions and also having deep emotional tie between people. Dogs will protect the people with literally lay down their lives.
Having a dog as a pet help the owner stay connected with the social life. The owner needs to bring their pet go out for exercise, take the pet to visit the pet groomer and also having ...view middle of the document...

For the grooming services, there are a lot of types of services that prepare for the pets such as bathing, brushing, dental care, ear care and nail clipping and polishing. Besides that, the owner also can help their pet to brush up or bathing to increase relationship of each other.
For the convenience of the customers, the website also provides the picks up and drops off service of the pets. The website will contact with the owner and call them to help to transport their pet to the grooming studio and after that will return their pet to them at an agreed time after both of them are discussed. With having this kind of service, the owner do not need to worry about no time to take their lovely pet go for grooming due to busy working time. The website will prepare a fully picks up and drops off service to their pet so that the owner can taking care their pet well even no time.
The website has different types of pets such as dogs, cats, birds, fishes, small animals and reptiles and amphibians. There also provides a lot of services for each type of pets. Furthermore, the website has provides a pet hotel for the owner who may be out station and they can leave their pet in the pet hotel and there have staff to take care of them. If the owner miss their pet and want to look at them, the hotel will prepare a web camera that let the owner to look their pet.
In the website, the owner can train their pet to have their talents and will having a competition with other pets. The pet can show off their talents and the winner will have the gift voucher that give by the website and buy the pet products through the website. This kind of event not only can let the pet show off their talents and also can let the pet owner communicate with each other to relax themselves.
The website also offers the membership system for the customers where they can earn their membership point through the shopping and how much they spent on the pet products. After the users registered and become one of the members of the website, the users can earn the point when they shopping on the online pet shop. The customers can use the collected point to change any kinds of products or services on the website that they want.
1.2 Project Scope
This project will develop a website which is related to pets and giving the owner their pets’ services and also selling different kind of pets’ products. Nowadays, many people would like to have a pet to cheerful their daily life and release their stress. Therefore, pets become an important part in their life. Since the technology is increase rapidly, most of the people would like to use internet to solve their daily problems. The owner who having a pet will take their pet go to grooming studio, buy pet products and pet foods through the website in order to save their time.
In this project, an online pet shop will be created to fulfill the needs of all the people who having a pet. The website that will be developed will use the Microsoft Visual Studio...

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