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Practical Solutions for the Time Being
What had also been introduced are technological solutions. Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies repress users when a new computer has been purchased, limiting the times of software installations, or limiting how many devices on which a song could be used (Upshaw & Babin, 2010). Digital rights management (DRM) technology is specifically geared to prevent you from using the original material, whether it is music, film or e-book on more than one device (Zimerman, 2011). But still entails much more improvement in order to become effective at fighting online piracy because of the pirates that always find other ways and bypass it. Few published ...view middle of the document...

Even though the licensing fees don’t make up for the total loss in sales Goldman (2010). Challenges around piracy are vast, but so are the opportunities identified by Misener (2011).
For the e-book industry, there are writers who have unaccepted the digital versions of their work to be allowed out of fright for piracy. As mentioned earlier, there are also writers who not only ignore the piracy threat, but put their published works online for anyone to download irrespective of whether there is a hard copy of their work. These writers feel that their works are publicity and promotion for them. They feel that their acknowledgement can be gainful for the future. Consumers purchasing behaviors must be altered. The best method to do this is to acquire possible e-book consumers adapted to purchasing from an authentic source. Consumers should be permitted to interchange a legitimately purchased material from appliance to appliance, even if it only lets usage on one appliance at a time. Some e-book publishers are confronting the problem in a different method. They are postponing the availability of certain e-book publications, particularly new hardcover titles for between one to six months in order to protect the titles original sales. Bu then readers won’t be pleased with the choice and it will encourage file-sharing and piracy. The threat of fines if people get caught pirating has appeared so countless times in so many spots that the threat is not taken seriously by many people (Zimerman, 2011)
Potential Impact on Aruba
The potential impact on Aruba with online piracy is that local musicians for instance will not receive any earnings for all his or her input of music composition. Aruba being such a small island, everyone is acquainted with someone

People pirate for many reasons. Some do it simply for the love of...

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