Online Piracy Jaywalking Or Theft Macewan University Busn 330 Research Paper

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Internet piracy is the practice of using the Internet to illegally copy software and pass it on to other people. This has become increasingly problematic for corporations as downloading music, TV, movies, games, etc. can be done at the click of a button. To put that in numbers, $59 billion of illegal software was downloaded last year. Another issue is that a lot of people are indifferent towards the subject, and most people are even pro-internet piracy. In fact more than 75% of people feel that Internet piracy is not wrong at all. The people who suffer though aren’t necessarily music artists, video game developers or CEO’s of these corporations. It is actually the employees working at the corporations at the entry-level that suffer the cost of Internet piracy. It is estimated that 71,000 jobs are lost per year as a result of Internet piracy, most of these employees earning minimum wage can barely afford to live, let alone try to do it without a job.

Major Issues
The main issue that the customer in the case study is that the game he purchased does not work on his computer, as a result of certain DRM (Digital Rights Management) settings. When he contacted customer service to try and address these issues he was having he received unsympathetic service from the representative, and was even accused of pirating his copy of the game. The customer tried to sell his game but due to DRM restrictions he can’t even do that so he is understandably upset for spending $60 on something that doesn’t work. The response he receives from customer service is that the strict DRM is actually the fault of Internet piracy, but what the representative fails to realize is that a customer doesn’t care about the people downloading the game illegally; they just want the copy they bought to work. Another issue for the customer is the poor customer service shown by the video game company. Not only is he frustrated with the game not working, he is frustrated with the awful customer service for not sending him a new copy of the game, or refunding his money. In addition the video game company is taking forever to work the bugs out of his game and provide poor explanations as to why his problem is being fixed in a timely manner.
The customer was not the only one that was having major issues. They are video game company was also having difficulties finding a good balance between distributing functioning games to people that actually bought them and keeping their games with enough security so that they cannot be pirated. The company has to find a way to fix this problem or else they will be losing money in the future too.
Objectives that lead to a Solution
Some of the duties that this video game company needs to fulfill stat with making a functioning game for the paying customers. Steps they can take to ensure their games function better for customers is to eliminate all foreseeable bugs before the game is released in stores. This step will definitely help the...

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