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The internet is a powerful tool for information. In a matter of seconds, it can yield millions of hits that contain inestimable amounts of knowledge and opinion. No longer is the library the epitome of data. The internet surpasses all in ease of access, speed, and amount of data. However, not all websites are useful or reliable in procuring data. Littered through cyberspace there are a few superb sites for gathering information, yet many are complete trash. Recently there was a paper researched on the Creole People of Louisiana For the purpose of this study, the first five non-Wikipedia links were critiqued using only the search item term “Creole Louisiana.”
Result One:
The Google search result gives the impression from its summary that the research will learn the difference between Creole and Louisiana Creole. Upon clicking into the result, the researcher learns that this is just a page from the website. The page looks thrown together. The heading graphics do not relate to the subject matter. A planet that looks as if it could be Saturn and a little man with a globe adorns the heading. The words in the subheading are all in lowercase. With a scroll down the page, one can see that it is somewhat disorganized, with bits of information and pictures of apparently Creole individuals in random orders. The page is slightly too busy to pay attention to the information, which is actually relevant.
In the right corner of the page, a navigation bar directs to the homepage. Upon clicking, it immediately gives off a different impression than the subpage. The home page is graphic and appealing to not only the eyes, but also the subject matter. There are pictures of historic Creole places, artwork, people, and food. The title for the home page, however, gives off an air of being unfinished or raggedly done. It is a bit gaudy with its blinking letters, but does its job by showing that it is meant to be clicked to access the full site.
The front page is like a link graffiti wall. There are over 50 links to choose from taking the researcher to a different section of information. Though it may seem chaotic, the links are grouped by subject matter. The topics on each link are extremely specific ranging from “how to tell you are Creole” to “Creole business” and “Creole food.” It seems if one wants to find a precise definition or answer to a question, one could find it. However, it would take quite a bit of time to read all of the links. Clicking through a few topics, the information seems to be very detailed and updated frequently. The last update tally shows that it was updated last on February 19. After an in-depth search, little to no information could be found about the authors, therefore being not very credible.
Result Two:
The second result inspected was the page from...

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