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"Oh, what good will writing do? I want to put my hand out and touch you. I want to do for you and care for you. I want to be there when you're sick and when you're lonesome" (Wharton). The internet is a great source to yield romance yet it proves futile when an honest love is what is sought.

The search for true romance is world-wide, it feeds the dreams of young boys and girls and of older, wiser adults; it permits their fantasies to steadily burn deep within their hearts. Despite the wisdom of these men and women, the call to romance is too captivating to dismiss. Romance is seen and heard through means such as television, music, and novels, people long for it transforming the need for it into a never-ending pursuit, whether the necessity is acknowledged or not. Yet, romance is fleeting for it is mostly fueled on lusts and passions; but love lasts through anything because it is more than just a feeling.

Television is plagued by programs shedding even glimpses of light on the hope of finding romance. Programs such as "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" lead others to believe that romance and possibly the love they pine for can be found in places such as the television. The next logical thought is that if the T.V. is a good or satisfying medium to end the quest for romantic episodes, then, the internet must be equally capable. Fairy-tale like endings to the pursuit of romance via the internet have been heard by all. Stories that warm the heart and might even spark a hint of jealousy as they seem so led by the fates. Read on as an anonymous writer expatiates their love to a pen pal:

Nobody else has ever touched my life the way you have. Even though our friendship exists through a complicated mesh of wires, it means the world to me. Hearing from you brightens up my day and your kindness never fails to bring a smile to my face. I love you for all that you are, and all that yet remains a mystery to me. Although I `speak' through the computer, my words come from the heart, true friendship is hard to find but I believe that I've found it in you.

Stories such as these have been passed throughout the internet. People are finding a "true romance" on-line but the sad truth is that most of these relationships are doomed due to dishonesty or a mental figure which is impossible or extremely difficult to match. The author of the above passage says that they love the pen pal due to the mystery behind their knowledge of each other. Possibly the mystery of their true physical appearance or of their personality which isn't obvious through emotionless communication. It is possibly a mystery that guards the two parties by keeping them emotionally detached (despite the words of "love" in the passage) to a certain extent. Therein lies the key to the door that leads to a successful and fulfilling relationship. The mystery that allows the parties to picture their on-line "buddies" as the Romeo or Juliet of their generation is what keeps the air of...

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