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Online Shopping Essay

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According to Lagerfeld (n.d.), “Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping”.
The quotation above by Karl Lagerfeld clearly states that when buying something, it should be because we need it and we want it badly not just because we want to waste our money and just shop for the things that we already have. As the population grows, the needs and wants of people increases as well, that results to competition on where and how to buy the products that a person needs. The creation of online shopping does not just solve this problem but through its emergence, it ...view middle of the document...

One major objective of this paper is to show a concrete numeral statistics that will determine the actual figures of those people who have some knowledge about online shopping. The purpose of this paper is to inform the readers about online shopping and to get some results that will show the percentage of people who have knowledge about online shopping and those who are engaged into online shopping. The researchers want this paper to be a big help to those future researchers about the same topic. The reason behind the creation of this research paper is for this paper to be an inspiration to the students to try to get out of their comfort zone and do not go with the flow and make their own path to make a unique legacy.
This paper aims to answer the even the basic questions in the mind of the reader. What is online shopping? How does the operation in the online shopping takes place? Is online shopping legal? What are the benefits that can be obtained from online shopping? The researchers want to show the positive side of online shopping and how does the consumers benefit from doing online shopping. As the technology develops, online shopping will continue to grow and make a big impact into the different parts of the world, because of the limitless and borderless society that internet is showcasing to everyone. Online shopping is becoming a new trend that is widely known by everyone where in the consumer benefits a lot from it.
You maybe, as many people are curious of where online shopping came from? When did it start? Did someone invent it? And how was it created? In 2011, Michael Aldrich published a claim that he had invented online shopping in the United Kingdom in 1979, using a standard dial up telephone line. He connected a modified domestic television to a real-time transaction processing computer to create the Aldrich system. During 1980s he launched the Redifon's Office Revolution that allowed the consumers, distributors, suppliers and companies to be connected on-do business transactions. From 1980 onwards, the system is only used for business to business system and transaction only but during the widespread availability of the internet and computer systems during the 1990s the business to consumer online shopping started to become financially viable (Internet Online Shopping. 2011).

Online or e-shopping is a part of e-commerce and a process that allows the consumers to buy products, information and services through the internet. Since the generation today has high technology, it is one of the factors that encourage the people to do online shopping, rather than doing the traditional way of going to the market and store (Gans. 2011). Shopping online is fast growing to be part of our everyday lives. Increasingly people are using the convenience of online shopping due to people having computers in the home along with high speed connection. Online shopping and visiting an online shop enables the customer to search, find, order and pay for the...

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