Online Shopping: Product Availability And Logistics

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Introduction 1
Online shops, Logistics and the Last Mile Problem 3
The E-Commerce Platform’s Accessibility and Availability 6
Efficient Customer Response and Quick Response 8
Conclusion 10
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Online shops are an alternative to traditional shopping methods, but do they solve product availability issues in a viable way, and are traditional shopping methods preferred over online shopping?
Morris, B (2013) points out that more consumers prefer online shopping as 70 % of 3,000 online shoppers surveyed in February 2013 in a study performed by the United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) say they would rather shop their favorite retailer online.
This can only lead us to understand that a relatively large number of customers choose to satisfy their needs in an online platform.
At first sight, it might be possible to speculate and assume that the reasons many of these customers choose to follow this path derives from qualities that include but are not limited to the ease-of-use, reliability, platform availability and accessibility as e-commerce platforms are accessible and available round the year, only as long as access to the internet is on hand (Gao, N.A.).
It is accurate to pry into these qualities and strive in the possible relationship they might have with a term such as customer satisfaction, which could be prematurely answered if the fact that such terms describe the benefits online platforms have. As opposed to those found within traditional shopping methods.
Moreover, Morris, B. (2013) showed that UPS (a logistics and package delivery company) had a positive overall customer satisfaction score of 83% which not only explains why the “back-end of the online shopping experience (shipping and delivery) boost sales” (Morris, B. 2013), but why 70% of the surveyed customers agreed on the fact that they greatly welcome the online shopping idea.
Nevertheless, the problem of full and timely customer satisfaction in remote areas that lack the infrastructure to fully address the customer’s will, and thus increase his/her likelihood to impact positively the retailer’s profitability is an issue that has not been yet fully solved. As ECR (Efficient Customer Response) times differ in those areas with a broader access to a larger range of tools that facilitate QR (Quick Response) and consequently customer satisfaction (Walters, 2007).
On the other hand, The “back-end” of the online shopping experience is a process that seems to be simple at first sight but proves to be a complex matter as this does not only involve the mere customer request to buy a specific good or service. This process involves the coordination of several retailers that provide the seller of the service or good in need with the optimal conditions to achieve the goal of satisfying a customer’s will as well (Walters, 2007).
The process in question will be closely studied by introducing the reader with trends and stages introduced...

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