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Marketing Strategy In Tela Tel Essay

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The Tela-tel company is a telemarketing organization that mainly deals in the production and sale of mobile phones. Our marketing strategies aim at ensuring that the organization’s future and statement of what the organization intends to achieve is accomplished. This will include the organization’s long-term goal achievements driven by the organization’s purpose and direction. It aims at outlining the comportment culture esoteric to the company and defines the outcomes of the company’s various activities. The company’s strategy brings together the product, price, place and promotion aspects of the company in order to enable achievement and realization of the company’s goals.
Our company’s objective in the telecommunication market is to be the leading if not sole distributor of trusted mobile phones internationally. This we plan to achieve using various marketing strategy methods, all underlying the core goal of ensuring that the company meets the customer’s specific needs. Various marketing strategies will be used to ensure that the leadership market objective is accomplished. Some of the strategies proposed are such as ambush marketing where we will use publicists to get the most out of unambiguous events from various parts of the world. Cloud marketing will also be used where some of the marketing capitals and resources will be conveyed online to enable the corresponding parts of the company cultivate, transform, exploit and share them. Community marketing will be used for existing customers to promote loyalty and product satisfaction with the hope that it will increase word of mouth advertising. There is also an encroaching debate of using the freebie marketing strategy for specific products with the aim of increasing sales and brand recognition.
The Tela-tel company plans to use the Neil Borden’s market mix, which involves the mixture of ingredients which include merchandise planning, valuing, branding, supply networks and individual selling. However the ingredients we plan on focusing on are the 4ps (Goi, 2009: 8).These ingredients constituting the 4ps are product, price, place and promotion. Each of this four will contribute individually to collectively increase recognition of the Tela-tel name and consequently increase sales and ultimately pimento success of the company.
The product that Tela-tel produces are the Tela-tel mobile phones. Relatively new to the market, Tela-tel mobile phones are a competitive range of mobile phones that are progressively gaining the trust of customers due to their high quality, affordability and efficiency. However, there is a need to increase the popularity of the Tela-tel mobile phones in the market. With the quality of our product being very subjective to the customer’s needs, cloud marketing is intended to be used to advertise customer testimonials to increase and attract new clients and customers. Next, the company intends to conduct market segmentation to pinpoint specific needs for specified customers....

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