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Cyber terrorism
Due to the increase in technological advances, terrorist groups have started to exploit information technologies such as websites, chat rooms and other internet communications to recruit, fund and display their gruesome behaviors. The purpose of this essay is to explain the reasons behind these acts as well as to inform the audience about why governments should take actions to strengthen their internet security systems to prevent any further damage to the society. First, this essay will explain the ideology behind displaying the gruesome terrorist activities online.Second, it will inform the reader about other exploitations such as recruitment activities and the funding activities.Lastly, it will explain the reason why the governments worldwide should increase their security within the Internet.
The meaning of terrorism is the strategic use of violence or threats of violence by non-state political actors against non-combatants for symbolic purposes, usually with the intention of influencing policies (Shor,2011).Modern day terrorists thrive on culpability and fame, with the use of modern technology they are able to display their acts and reveal their plots against humanity. Their most vital tool has become the internet, it is used to gather audiences, create fear and reputation. Without these commodities, a terrorist group will become unknown and disdain.. As stated by (Thomas,2003), The Internet allows terrorists to amplify the consequences of their activities with follow-on messages and threats directly to the population at large, even though the terrorist group may be totally impotent. In effect, the Internet allows a person or group to create a virtual illusion of a larger group. According to (Thomas, 2003,), governments cannot control the Internet to the same degree as they could control newspapers and TV. In fact, the internet can serve as a terrorist's TV or radio station, or their international newspaper or journal. The web allows an uncensored and unfiltered version of events to be broadcast worldwide. Chat rooms, websites, and bulletin boards are largely uncontrolled, with few filters in place. This climate is perfect for an underfunded group to explain its actions or to offset both internal and international condemnation, especially when using specific servers. The Internet can target fence-sitters as well as true believers with different messages, oriented to the target audience, which demonstrates some of the destruction that can be accomplished by online terrorist materials.

The individuals that are brainwashed by these broadcasting and publishing can be used as major funders and recruiters for terrorist activities. According to (Weimann,2007), recruitment is vital for survival and development of a terrorist organization. Recruitment provides the suicide bombers, the killers, the kidnappers, the engineers, the executioners, the soldiers for their militias. As stated by (Rogan,2006), the anonymity offered...

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