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Online Colleges Essay

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409-59-2486 Case #5 New College Problem Statement: New college has a lot of things going for them, but they need more faculty members to submit their courses online in order to have a broader curriculum. In order to get more faculty New College is going to have to find a way that the teachers will be the known authors of the material.Strengths: New College is designed to help individuals gain a Bachelors degree without ever leaving the home. It is also to help gain an understanding of the emerging needs of the corporate world. Courses have been developed to allow flexibility in ones daily routine, and can still provide you with a credited university education. Your degree will be a University of Tennessee degree awarded by the campus offering the academic program you have completed; even though you are not physically present at a school. You can take as few as one course offering flexibility to the student's schedule. Some programs will allow up to four online courses per semester. These courses and the number to take are determined by the program, in which you are enrolled. Student services corresponding to those offered on campus are offered online to UT students. Among those are: admissions, registration and records, fee payment, financial aid, books and materials, and grade distribution. This means that there is no traveling involved in order to become a New College student. Students can choose academic courses, which meets their career goals in this self-designed general studies degree program, know as the Bachelors of University Studies. The student interested in the online B.U.S. option prepares an individualized degree program in consultation with a faculty advisor whose educational and professional background is related to the student's intended goal.Weaknesses: New college is just as expensive as going to a physical college. Tuition and fees are the same for the online college, as is the physical college. Another expense that student for New College will face is that they will have to buy the programs needed for the courses. For example, Office 2000, Adobe reader, and A Statistical Package are active participants for the classes. One of the biggest weaknesses for New College is, there are not a lot of diverse courses available in the 300 and 400 level, for the B.U.S. degree. Another problem is that you must have 60 hours of 100 to 200 levels courses accredited from a college or university. Many students may feel threatened that people who live out of area may have to face traveling issues. Another problem is that if you have questions or comments you must e-mail them to the teacher and wait for their response, which can be very frustrating sometimes. If the server is not running promptly, then you might not get your response in on time, and work would then be incorrect. The largest problem is that there is not enough faculty that wants to participate in creating and managing online courses. The main reason teachers do not want to teach...

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