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Online Vs Traditional Classes Essay

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Online Vs Traditional Classes
In today’s Era, students now have the advantage of choosing to attend a College University or achieve their degree through college online courses. However, some major concerns associated with this major life decision, beginning with the difference in the learning styles. Even though most people would consider taking an online course because it’s flexible to your schedule and students would have additional time to complete the assignment that their giving, other than in traditional classes. To furthering a student’s education, teachers all come together in a classroom with multiple students to learn at a specific time and place. The courses the students are ...view middle of the document...

However, online courses may offer some great opportunities for skill development. It’s important to be somewhat comfortable with computers before you enroll to an online class because that way you can easily learn how to sign in and sign out of classes and etc… Most students find that the experience helps them develop a whole new set of useful technical skills. The student / teacher interactions would also play an important role between these two class settings. Students in traditional classes have the ability to listen to the teacher talk about the lesson, ask any questions that they might have and take part of demonstrations in class. Traditional courses use a variety of techniques in the classroom to maintain student’s attention, and adapt to teaching methods. Online classes however, may be able to achieve the same thing as the traditional classes, but the students do not get the full effect of the lesson because in traditional classes they can get help any time they in need of it, rather than online classes u have to wait for the instructor to respond to you thru via email. Online courses are available for a repeated viewing. Teachers also may be able to explain things better in person to person contact, rather than going through a computer to try to solve any questions or concerns that the students may have....

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