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Internet Working Essay

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PHYSICAL SECURITY RECOMMENDATIONS:Physical security policies will help to create an effective building and personnel Security. Physical security will be outsourced to a third party vendor. Key assignment will be replaced by a RFID readers and pass codes for all secure locations. RFID badges will become mandatory and will include the individuals department, name and picture. Human resources will be trained and be giving responsibility to maintain the personnel access list and the issue and recovery of ID badges. At each floor there will be a security system installed to include burglary, fire and video surveillance. The security system will be monitored by an offsite agent and by the security personnel. Security plans will comply with all federal, state and local regulations.Santiago Accounting Inc recommends all computer equipment be mounted to minimize theft of equipment. Only authorized personnel will have access to specific company spaces according to their security level of need to perform their job. All visitors and guest must check in at security and be issued a visitors badge.Implementing RFID technologyInstall / Upgrade Access control systems$200,000.00Locks and DoorsLocks / key assignment administrative apply to the actual physical security of sites with locking doors, storage facilities, cabinets, closets, restroom facilities, and other.$11,000.00Video surveillance all sitesVideo surveillance will incorporate the latest of digital recording technology utilizing movement control within the site picture of each video device. In addition the movement of all cameras will have 360 degree pivot rotation to include pan and surveillance modes.$415,000.00Building and office security$204,000.00Access control:This part of the project facilitates the overall entry, and or exit of employees, vendors, management, and onsite maintenance staff for security measures, and hourly tracking in specific geographical locations at any one site, nationally or internationally at any given moment in the workday. All access is tracked, and recorded for future analysis, and documentation.$132,000.00SYSTEM ACCESS CONTROL POLICIESSystem access control policies will be created and implemented. IT staff will be responsible to assign employee username/login and assign temporary passwords. Passwords will include two or more of the following, one special character, one number and one capitalized letter. Users will receive an email notification 30 days before there password expires. Passwords will expire after 90 days. Users will not be able to use the last twenty expired passwords. IT department will assign user level access and regulate the resource access through job description or necessity. A roving profile will be implemented so employees can move from computer to computer. User accounts will be automatically locked off after 30minutes of inactivity on a particular workstation.LAN ADMINSTRATION RECOMENDATIONSIT department will be responsible for all LAN...

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8332 words - 33 pages preconditions to Internet banking implementation: case of a Tunisian bank", The Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, Vol. 11 No. 1. Bojinov, B. (2003), "What Bulgarian banks offer via Internet: an overview", No. 0310014, Economics Working Paper Archive (EconWPA), Finance. Carlson, J., Furst, K., Lang, W.W. and Nolle, D.E. (2001), "Internet banking: market developments and regulatory issues", Society of Government Economists, Washington, DC. Chung, W

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