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The Desire To Stay An Only Child

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Personal Statement
As humans, the older people become, and the more experiences people go through, they tend to overall find a sense of comfort in their lifestyle. Often times, with that comfort in place, people see no reason to think about how different their lives may have been had it not been for certain events. For instance, take a second to think about your life now and imagine how differently it would have been if you have eradicated or altered something else. These were some of the same thoughts that floated in my head as i prepared for this assignment. Through it all, I have become more fascinated with the idea of how my life would have been different if I remained an only child. The researcher is an African American college student with two younger siblings who will be interviewing an only child Caribbean American college student.
I come from a very large family filled with host of aunts, uncles, and cousins. During my grandparents’ time as they have shared with my parents, having many children was a sign of wealth and it added a sense of pride and dignity to the father. I was born to a West African mother and father from Sierra Leone. In my culture, having many children is seen as a sign of blessing and it is very seldom that you meet others from this region that has just one child. Growing up in the late 1990s, I was the only child for my parents. I knew someday that our family of three would become a family of four and possibly five. If it even got to be six it would not be a surprise considering my background. It was only a mere matter of time. I was happy being an only child in the meantime. My parents spoiled me with anything I wanted. I got the latest toys, clothes and anything a child could want. The most important thing for me was the attention that I received from my parents. I had them all to myself.
Nearly all the children around me had either an older or younger siblings except for this one friend of mine who was different from me. She was a Black American. Initially, this made me wonder if Africans were having more children than Black Americans because it was very rare for me to have even a cousin who did not have siblings. Was it a cultural thing? Was it because we had established stronger kins than Black Americans? She lived not too far from me and we attended the same school. We did almost everything together. She was filled the gap of a would-be sibling for me and I am sure that I did the same for her. For the most part, we were around each other all the time at school, at home, and even on the weekends. She and I were the same. The only difference between us was our cultures and customs. And when for whatever reason she was not around i was bored. There were days that she and I had to be apart from each other. And when that happened I had two options either staying home with my parents or going to a cousin's house. Which I didn’t mind but I overall really missed her.
Being an only child...

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