Only One Chance At Life... Make It Count

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Living a healthy lifestyle. It is what all humans long for and work for in life. It is hard to master, and yet most people seem to have it down. Can an individual see themselves healthy and stress free? Picture a healthy and happy individual. Would it consist of exercise three times a week or spending more time with family? How about working hard in work or school? Every person has a different definition for a healthy lifestyle. There are many aspects to a healthy lifestyle, but disciplined habits, a stable support system, and beneficial pastimes are the essential factors.
Having healthy habits on a day to day basis will make one’s life simpler. Mrs. LuAnne Montgomery, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), says that people will feel better “physically, mentally, and emotionally,” if they keep up with healthy habits day to day. For example, start the day off with a hearty breakfast. The difference is evident as the day wears on. According to Dulce Zamora, writer for the Georgia Chiropractic Association, humans who have breakfast have less fat and cholesterol intake in their bloodstream and more vitamins and minerals. More vitamins and minerals equal more energy throughout your week (Zamora). One will feel more awake, vigilant and alive. It is amazing what a simple energy bar or kale smoothie can do for one’s physical health.
Organization is also a key factor to healthy living. If one’s workspace stays neat and tidy, finding lost objects will become effortless, and more time can be attributed to doing what an individual enjoys. To top it off, life will become less stressful and more tranquil. As Zen Habit blog contributor Leo Babuata remarks, “A trusted organization system that you can actually use can turn your day from one of chaos to one of focus, effectiveness and calm” (Babuata). Life will be much simpler if everything had a place. Humans would not have to scavenge around to look for loose papers and hidden materials. Instead of stressing, an individual would know where their objects are located. All it takes is a little organization, and humans will be set on their way to a healthier life.
Nothing is better than a good night’s rest after a brutal day at work. The body is tired from walking, talking and supporting all day long. Sleep is the key to “good health and emotional wellbeing,” states Dulce Zamora. The more sleep you get, the healthier one will become. For adolescents, around eight hours of sleep each night is the key number. If one slept for eight hours, they will be more fit both physically and mentally than someone who slept for only six hours. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) say that, “A number of aspects of your health and quality of life are linked to sleep” (USDHHS). Sleep is essential to a fruitful life. Without it, humans would be tired, unfocused and drowsy the whole day.
Throughout life, many people realize they need strong relationships to help them keep cope with their daily lives. Many...

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