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Only Three Picture That Change Family

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“What are the possible relations between images and text?” (Berger 1). There are many views to one picture or text. People see/feel different thing then others around them. If one sees a picture they may have a different understanding than the person next to them. The pictures that I have collected all represent family. There have been many changes on how family connects in the past few years. Many families have so many distractions in their life that many families are not as close as they use to be. “One of the things that bind us as a family is a shared sense of humor” (Fiennes). Many families have parents that work late or parents that have night jobs, but in my case I have parents that come home cook dinner and eat together as a family, plus do things as a family together. Others don’t have time to even eat together or do things together because they have so many things in the world to distractions. These pictures that I have show how family has changed overtime and how the families changed in how they connect.

It takes time for one to feel or get an expression in one picture you may have to wait for it to reach you. There should be that one thing that draws or pulls you in. In my first picture you can see a family sitting in one room all near each other in one room. At first you see the happy family, but if you look a little longer you see or feel even more than just that. There could be a millions of points in that one picture; like they say a picture is worth thousand words. That may be cliché but it is true. What could be some of those words or points, some could be that intrigue you personally or may be how the picture is older picture probably in the early 1900’s. Or even how the family is in one room all together with no electronics in their hands or even around them. Some may say how they may be doing something together like a real family it could be reading, listening to the radio or just talking. Some background about families in the 1900’s, they did things together as a family instead all by themselves. One new invention at that time, which made families come together, more was the radio. If you look at the picture several could say/see how they are just relaxing listening to the radio before they go to bed or after they just eat dinner. That’s what most families did at that time. Others on the other hand, may say that they are all doing something in one room but all different tasks. Little girl may be doing her homework, while the father and little boy are reading something together or the father is showing him something in the newspaper. And the mother seems like/ looks like she sewing or doing some small task. They are all look and seem happy but may someone is mad or sad in this picture. No matter what they are all together doing something that they enjoy in one room as a family.

My second picture is of advertisement that is not really clear on what they are trying to say or put out there. It looks like it could be maybe a...

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