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Open Adoption Essay

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Open Domestic adoption Benefits vs. Risks

“However [Parenthood] comes to you, it’s a miracle” (Morton). The definition to “Open adoption is an adoption in which the child is aware that he or she was adopted and one in which he or she may or may not have contact with the Birth parents” (Sember). Although Open adoption has its benefits and risks, open adoption does significant things for children in their lives, open adoption should be the first choice for Americans who are seeking to adopt because it helps the health of everyone.
Birth Parents should choose open adoption because open adoption keeps them involved in their biological child’s life. In Adoption the Answer Book, Brette ...view middle of the document...

The child was delivered to adoptive parents by a caseworker. Birthparents can feel comfort in having finally having more control because they have the choice in who the child gets placed with rather than the child being placed with an unknown family. May make the decision to place for adoption easier (compared to a contested termination of parental rights trial) and less feeling of guilt from giving the child up for adoption. Open Adoption, also helps Birth Parents have an increased ability to deal with grief. Birthparents have the potential for more fully defined role in child's life and potential to develop a healthy relationship with the child as he or she grows.
Potential adoptive parents should choose Open Adoption because it’s an extremely beneficial for them, the birthparents and the child. Open Adoption gives adoptive parents the opportunity to have an enhanced understanding of child's history like seeing for themselves the birth parents’ traits including physical appearance, intellectual abilities, personality and skills. (Beauvais- Godwin) Which will make them able to help answer any questions that may come from the adoptive child.
The risk for adoptive parents is that the birth parent can change their minds and want the child back but the law protects the Adoptive parents from losing the child. “Once a birthparent has signed away his or her parental rights, however, the adoptive parents assume legal rights to the child. The Birthparents have no recourse” (ABC News)
Open adoption should be chosen for the potential adoptee because they can know about their birth family. Imagine being an adopted child wanting to know who your biological parents are, why they gave you up, having self-doubt and why you were even wanted in the first place. That is...

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