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Open Adoption Vs. Closed Adoption Why Closed Adoption Is Better...

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Open-ended versus close-ended adoptions ignites passionate pleas from both biological and adoptive parents. Adoptive parents tend to want a closed and confidential adoption because they want to be known as the only parents that the child knows instead of having the confusion of two sets of parents. As adoptive parents, the right is theirs to wholly embrace and accept the child as their own without having to deal with the complications or interference there may be with the biological parents. In addition, biological parents often look to have a closed adoption because they do not want to be reminded of what can be viewed as an unforgettable mistake from their past. In defense of the biological parents, they should have the right to not have a connection or future with their child. The biological parent did care enough about the child to bring it into the world. They should have the right to relinquish their child and allow he/she to be taken in by a warm, loving family to move on with their own life and not live a life that is cluttered with a mistake from their past.Confidential adoptions are an appropriate choice (and often, the only viable choice) when the birth parents are incarcerated, are drug addicted, are emotionally disturbed or have been abusive to the child. Because there is no contact with the birth parents, adoptive parents generally feel more secure in their role as parents and feel like they can move on with life. With a closed adoption the adoptive parents will not have to live in fear, always on the lookout for anyone who resembles their child, fearful that a birth parent will swoop in and steal the child. By having a closed adoption the whole idea of having to deal with the fear and drama of the biological parents is erased and both sets of parents can move on with their own separate lives. The child is not at danger or risk of a birth parent's interference or any co-parenting concerns. The adoptive family is free to have their family time without restraints of visitations and on-going communication between the child and the biological family.This is one situation in which I happen to be very educated, as I have two adopted siblings of my own. When I was ten years old, my mother and father brought home my first foster sibling, Allie, from the hospital when she was three days old. Eighteen months later, my second foster sibling, Tony, was brought home when he was three days old as well. My parents had been working with Department of Children and Family Services. Allie and Tony are biological siblings and Social Services thought it was best to keep the siblings together, while we took take care of them for a few months. In spite of this, their birth mother was living an unstable lifestyle with ongoing substance abuse and after many years failed to complete what she needed to do in order to get her children back. The father of these children was initially disinterested and subsequently incarcerated, needless to say he was out of the...

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