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Open Or Closed Adoption: What Is Your Choice?

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Adoption defines adoption as the transfer of parental rights and obligations from one family to another. The adoptive parents assume all responsibilities of raising the child legally and financially, therefore severing all ties to the biological parents. The difference between a closed adoption and open adoption is when birthparents and the adoptive parents know nothing of each other. Records are usually sealed until the child becomes of age and chooses to open them. An open adoption is when the birthparents and the adoptive parents meet each other and come to a legal agreement concerning the exchange of pictures and letters and sometime visitation is allowed. This is where the conflict comes into play. Once the biological parent makes the decision to give their child up for adoption, there should be no further need of contact between biological parent and the child.
The open adoption movement began around the 1960’s. More and more adopted children wanted to know their genealogy. Because those records were sealed to secrecy getting information was next to impossible. In the article, Open Adoption: “What Does the Average Person” “Think” by Elizabeth Lewis Romfp, Adoptees state “that the knowledge of one’s biological history constitutes an innate human need.” “Denial of that need leads to emotional problems often related to identity formation. As adults, adoptees seldom find it possible to lead a normal life, starting families of their own without knowing who they really are. Yet other adoptees have little or no physiological problems and grow up to lead normal lives. This leads us back to the issue of openness and closed relationship with biological parents. Who’s to say that had those adoptees that developed psychological problems been given an opportunity to have a relationship with his biological family, would not have developed his identity problem. Perhaps he would have developed a far more serious problem, such as mood disorders, or personality disorder, or even obsessive compulsive disorder. Individuals handle life’s obstacles’ in different manors. It would not matter what the causing factor is. I choose closed adoptions. All biological information medical or otherwise should be disclosed in the initial adoption paperwork leaving no need to open the closed records at a later date. As parents we are given some authority to shape and mold our children. If we equip them with the full armor of God they can withstand the knowledge of not knowing their biological parents.
My husband and I were foster parents for ten years. It was very rewarding to be able to take children from an unsafe environment and care for them in a safe and nurturing environment. The purpose of the Foster Care System is for parents or even single individuals to gain temporary custody of children whose parents are not able to do so for whatever reason. In the ten years we fostered we were fortunate to have had only nine...

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