"Open Season" Directed By: Roger Allers

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"Open Season"This movie is basically a very imaginative animated movie for kids about Boog the bear and his forest friends. These characters entertain by doing some funny tricks. Everything was alright until a hunter, Shaw, came to the police station, explaining that he had "crashed" straight into a deer, Elliot, by "accident" before the hunting season had opened, knowing full well that it was not illegal to hit a deer using his car. While Shaw was at the police station, Boog was outside and saw Elliot, who was tied up to the car pretending to be dead. Elliot was begging the bear for help and mercy and asked Boog to release him from the knots. First of all, Boog did not seem to care about the situation as he relaxed in his nearby park ranger's truck, but when the car was about to leave, he used his fingernail and released Elliot. Later that night Elliot found Boog and offered him a chocolate bar, so Boog fell in love with the chocolate bar. They ended up in a grocery store with lots of sweets and beverages and made a mess, eating everything in sight. Later on, when the police where coming, Elliot realized that was time to leave, so he left without Boog. The police blamed the bear for all the damage and returned him to his park ranger, Beth, who was very mad and sad and could not believe that her dear bear would do that. For this first offense the police forgave Beth but warned her. Boog felt horrible.The next morning, Elliot woke up in a garbage dump and ran across the hunter in his car when he was crossing the street. While running away, Elliot ran into Boog's outside kid performance, disrupting everything in the process. Elliot had thought that his new "buddy" would protect him; however, Boog wanted nothing to do with him, because he had ruined his life the night before at the grocery store. The audience ran away from the chaos screaming. Now is when Beth sadly decided to send him and Elliot to the wild just three days before the open season started.They woke up and Boog freaked out because they were surrounded by many towering trees. They are abandoned in the wild, so they had to find out how to survive even though they wanted to go back to the city. All the other wild animals treated him badly and didn't welcome them. The determined hunter, Shaw, was after Boog and Elliot and chased them across a beaver dam, which collapsed from Boog's weight. Now the animals all blamed Boog for the disaster because everyone was swept downstream to prime hunting territory, where everyone was in...

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