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Open Supplier Network Essay

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Founded in 1999, Perfect Commerce provides buyers and suppliers the opportunity to make transactions electronically by applying On-Demand spend management solutions. With over 500 clients, 200,000 users, and 11,500 suppliers, the company ranks as the leading On-Demand SRM solutions provider (Anonymous 2007C). Clients come from an extremely wide range of industries: chemicals, retail, energy, financial services, food products, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, technology, and transportation (Anonymous 2007D).

Perfect Commerce relies heavily on acquisitions and business partnerships to accelerate growth. Most recently, the company purchased Commerce One, one of the pioneering companies in e-commerce (Anonymous 2007B). The acquisition helped Perfect Commerce to reach out to more customers and granted the company access to an established customer base in Europe, increasing the company's presence in the global marketplace (Anonymous 2006F). In addition, in order to provide the best experience for the customer, Perfect Commerce partners with companies such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Global Services, and Metavante (Anonymous 2007C). By doing so, a wide array of clients can all find value in the company's products.

The Open Supplier Network (The OSN) is at the heart of all SRM solutions offered by Perfect Commerce.

(Source: Anonymous 2007E)

"A single connection linking purchasing and eProcurement systems to The Open Supplier Network enables companies to access thousands of suppliers. Buyers and suppliers have the ability to send and receive POs, invoices, and other documents by using a Web browser or the latest XML-based or EDI integration technologies" (Anonymous 2007E). The single link eliminates the need for clients to manage multiple supplier connections, and because of Perfect Commerce's partnerships, The OSN integrates with many of the leading ERP systems, allowing clients to maximize return on their current technology investments. Also, with over 11,500 suppliers in the system, desktop buyers can easily comparison shop and make transactions with both large and small trading partners. According to Perfect Commerce, this saves clients an average of 15% in purchasing costs (Anonymous 2007A).

Analysis of Perfect Commerce & The OSN

As a company, one of Perfect Commerce's greatest strengths is its ability to make strategic partnerships. Companies such as Oracle and SAP, who can be seen as competitors of Perfect Commerce, actually work with the company in order to create a value-added environment for all involved parties. These partnerships with industry leaders are evidence that Perfect Commerce is well trusted in the realm of supply chain. "Perfect has also done well financially.....making [it] a relatively safe choice" (Bartels 2005). It does not appear that users will need to worry about this company losing its position in the industry due to financial reasons.

Like the company that...

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