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Open Text And Six Sigma Essay

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OpenText is a software product company that specialise in enterprise content management solutions. The company is involved in several implementation and consultancy projects across the globe to provide business specific solutions and technology to manage and utilise content.
Over the past 4 years, there has been an exponential growth within OpenText as an organisation through acquisitions. OpenText has been acquiring at a rate of 3 companies every year and this has resulted in several unique challenges within the organisation in the form of different cultures, products, processes and resources. Such diversities bring in ineluctable requirements to consolidate and integrated such differences as a single working unit to make sure corporate strategies are accomplished. This unique challenge has resulted in several internal projects within the core departments, like Research & Development, Human Resources, Operations Management and Customer Support, to come up with business processes that will allow identifying and accessing existing processes and validate any changes and improvements needed to facilitate easy integration with current and future acquisitions. This was vital for the business considering the stake involved for every business unit to have uniformity within the organisation so as to reflect a commonality and company direction for the stake holders and end-users.
I am currently involved in a project to carry out process improvements within Customer Support organisation. Customer support is a high visible business unit for customers and is usually the first point of contact. So the project involves implementing business management strategy like Six Sigma to find and improve areas in customer request, escalation management, customer-feedback and product management. W e will use this project, implementing six sigma in Customer Support processes, to demonstrate project management techniques and methods for a successful delivery for the client; in this case the senior management within the organisation.
Project scope management
This project is sponsored by the vice president of customer support and is executed through three team leaders, each of whom are in charge of individual customer support teams specialising in particular product and technology. I as a project manager will be in charge of planning, execution and delivery through the above mentioned three team-leaders and will be managing resources available for the project within the three teams. The stakeholders who will be interested in the expected outcome of this project include board members of the company. They initiated the project and will be responsible for any direct or indirect outcome from the implementation of these process-improvements to the stakeholders in the company. Such results can be measured directly in the form of customer satisfaction index and problem resolution time and indirectly through customer support revenue and customer license revenues.

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