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The Glimmerglass Opera Company Essay

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Glimmerglass Opera is an opera company located in Cooperstown, New York and they had their first season in 1975. The Alice Busch Opera Theater, the theater they perform in, has homed more than eighty productions, many which were premieres.Their current mission states, “to Produce Opera and music theater, to educate young professional performers, to educate emerging theater craftspeople and arts administration.” There is twenty people in their administration so they are a relatively small organization. However, they are actively involved in social media. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Link in accounts as well as a blog. They have many community outreach and educational programs. Every year they put on a spring gala and they are home to the Glimmerglass Festival.
One of their educational programs is the Young Artists Program. It is program that allows young artist at the starting of their careers to be treated like professionals for three months of the summer. They accept opera singers, musical theater singers and dancer, as well as coach and stage directors into their programs.They are provided with compensation, housing, transportation and meals.The focus of the program is education through experience and performance. They attend class and given instruction in acting, diction, audition techniques, musical coaching, role preparation and how to manage the business aspect of their career. Throughout the summer the young artist get the opportunities to perform in all of the mainstage productions. Therefore, they get to work with world-class directors, designers and conductors. They are also given the opportunity to participate in master classes that are given by well known artists.
They offer many educational programs for both students and adults. They offer school tours and in the spring second graders from the schools in the area visit Glimmerglass. They are given backstage tours so they can have a behind-the-scenes look at the theater and to get some insight into the preparation process. They also offer summer camps and the students are invited to the final dress rehearsals. They have a music student rewards program that annually awards two tickets to a festival production to two local students who received music awards from their high school. This program reaches more than hundred high schools. They also offer youth ticket prices to hopefully expose more young people to opera and Glimmerglass staff offers to speak at local high schools about their careers and other careers available in the performing arts. Also, they also have an education program for adults that offers seminars on opera performance and lectures throughout the season. They also have a program called “Talking Opera” which is a series of free, educational seminars that go into the history and details about the upcoming productions.
They also offer a wide variety of community programs. They offer a Cabin Fever Film Series where they collaborates with the National...

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