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Operant Conditioning And Parenting Practices Between Hispanics And North Americans

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There were two families at the park with their kids. One family was Hispanic and the other family was American. The kids where out on the playground, and they started fighting. The Hispanic mother grabbed her child and spanked him. While the American mother grabbed her child and explains to him why the situation was wrong and took away the toy that he had. These mothers use operant conditioning to discipline their children. Both mother use punishment, but the Hispanic mother used positive punishment because she added something to the situation. During the same time, the American mother used negative punishment because she took away the kids toy. The use of operant conditioning to modify children behavior is different between American and Hispanic parents.
Skinner developed operant conditioning, another style that can explain how people get and manage voluntary behaviors (Hockenbury and Hockenbury, 2014, pg.199). Operant conditioning is the learning development that associates with changing the probability that a response will be done again by shaping the consequences of that response. One likely outcome of a behavior is reinforcement. Reinforcement is a stimulus that increases the behavior to be repeated in the future. There is two types of reinforcement; positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. Both are processes that increase a particular behavior. Both of this ways can affect future behavior, but they do it in different ways. In operant conditioning positive means adding something and negative means removing something. people can know if positive reinforcement has occur if a reinforcing stimulus makes them more possible to repeat a behavior in a similar situation in the future. According to Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2014), "To children, adult attention can be a powerful reinforcing stimulus" (202). Negative reinforcement is when an operant is removing of an indifferent stimulus. In negative reinforcement a response is build up because something is removed. People can know if negative reinforcement has taken place if by avoiding an event has the consequence of making them more possible to repeat the operant in related events in the future. Many people confuse punishment and negative reinforcement because they think of those two processes as being bad. Each of this process produces a different effect on behavior. As stated by Hockenbury and Hockenbury (2014), "Punishment is a process in which a behavior is followed by an aversive consequence that decreases the likelihood of the behavior's being repeated" (204). There is two types of punishment; punishment by application and punishment by removal. Punishment by application, also called positive punishment is when something is being added or present in a situation. For example, if a dog jumps up on a visitor (the operant), and the owner smacks him with a newspaper (the punishment stimulus). Punishment by removal, also called negative punishment is when a stimulus is being removed...

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