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The operating system's kernel controls and manages the hardware of a given computer or server, and allows applications to utilizes these resources, which in turn means the kernel provides the connection from software to hardware of a computer. The kernel and Central Processing Unit (CPU) work together, with the kernel decides which running programs to allocate to the CPU. The program is allocated by kernel, and then the CPU runs or executes the programs. Another process the kernel manages is memory management, allowing access to the system's memory to processes. In this process, the kernel decides which memory a computer process can use, and decides what to do with processes once the memory becomes full.
The process is called multitasking where multiple programs are running at once, and the kernel gives the impression all the programs are running at the same this time. The process is possible due to the kernel has a built in scheduler that determines amount time a program takes to execute. This is important when running numerous programs or applications at once that require more memory than available. This process is achieved through virtual addressing, allows the kernel to provide a physical address. The process is the creation of virtual memory providing the system more memory than what is installed on the given system. In the virtual addressing divided into two area kernel space and user space, this process prevents applications from damaging the kernel. The contributions of the kernel to operating system do not end here.
The kernel process of device management achieved through the usage device drivers, which allow the kernel to control peripherals. Device drivers are a set of instructions that identifies and provides the method of communication for a operating system to communicate with a given piece of hardware. Without this process, the operating system would not be able to communicate with system hardware or peripherals. The way device drivers interface separated into two sides hardware and software side. On the hardware side device drivers interface directly with the prescribed hardware, and on the software side provides a interface or a means of communication for the operating system to communicate to hardware resources. With all of this going on, the kernel maintains a list or pool of the available hardware resources, and has the ability to change if the hardware resources change.
The network services of a operating system allow dissimilar operating systems to communicate and share network related resources. The network services provide access to resources providing functionality as if the resources installed locally on the computer system. The services provide a transparent share, without any interruption to the host computer allowing files, audio, video, printers, and storage space to be shared. Network service SSH provides...

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