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Operating System Proposal: Linux Essay

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Operating System Proposal
Clint Cepeda
DeVry University 
Linux has long been one of many operating systems that have been out to prove its worth in all types of environment. It is currently being considered for enterprise network purposes as well as data centers where it implies servers, workstations and any mainframes as needed. Choosing what operating system to use, whether it is open source or not, can be difficult, though. This paper projects the advantages and concerns of choosing an open source solution like Linux as administrators and users are becoming more aware of Linux running on both server and desktop systems. It is quickly being adopted in an ever increasing number of global corporations and government agencies.
The reason for this rapid adoption is Linux’s unique ability to provide powerful functionality, security, compatibility, customization at a more cost-effective price than proprietary vendors. In its inception, there were many perceived concerns to utilizing Linux in a corporate infrastructure.
Because of the robust Linux programmer community, several “flavour’s” of Linux (known as “vendors”) are available, and each is specialized in a slightly different way. This robust operating system is being widely adopted by IT professionals in growing businesses because of its high quality, reliability, and price.
Objective of this paper
Against the above background, this report is intended to provide an objective review of where and how Linux might fit into your business related plans and activities moving forward. The aim is to deliver insight rather than recommendations – i.e. it is not my intention to either advocate or discourage desktop Linux adoption, just to help understand the potential benefits, issues and practicalities so the fit can be assessed in the context of an IT and business environment.
Why Growing Businesses are Choosing Linux
The popular open source software Linux may not possess the largest operating system and desktop market share, but you can be assured it enjoys the industry’s most avid user base. When you ask a Linux user why Linux is better than the rest, you’ll get a ready explanation and a thorough list of facts, figures, and real-world stories describing before- and after-Linux scenarios.
Many business owners and IT managers of growing businesses prefer Linux over competitive operating systems. The major factors leading businesses to move to Linux are its low cost, security, reliability, openness, and freedom to avoid single-vendor environments. In fact, businesses such as and Google rave about operational costs saved and efficiencies found from implementing Linux on their servers. These commercial examples, combined with the experiences of developers and IT managers, have led to widespread installations of Linux servers within small and medium-sized businesses. An IDC 2007 report says that Linux holds 12.7 percent of the overall server market. With Linux in the business...

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