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Operation Iraqi Freedom: Short Story Opinion Of The Conflict In Iraq

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At 9:34 PM EST on March 19, 2003 (5:34 AM local time in Baghdad on March 20), United States and United Kingdom forces consisting of 40 cruise missiles and strikes led by 2 F-117s from the 8th Fighter Squadron (supported by Navy EA-6B Prowlers) and other aircraft began conducting military operations against the state ...view middle of the document...

After over two years of fighting and resistance in Iraq, two years of complaining by the Democrats, and two years of swapped views of support by the citizens of Iraq, we still aren't done. Somehow, U.S., U.K., and allies' troops are over there fighting for a cause that no one seems to want. I, personally, believe that the liberation of Iraq was the right step to take in ending world terrorism. But with the mixed views and conflict after conflict that arise from this one step, the craziness of this situation puts my position to, "Let's make glass out of the place." It almost seems better and that it would finally get rid of the terrorism if we just nuked the place. After the sand-melting process, then there would be tons of arguments, treaties broken, and allies distrusting us. But, at least it will have gotten rid of the terrorists.

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