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IntroductionAs more work becomes knowledge based requiring highly skilled workers, and as individuals understand that poor motivation is a lack of skilled leadership not a lack of desire within people, the command and control approach becomes obsolete (Jackson and Humble, 1994). In this paper, we shall define the role of organization, the role of the manager, and the specific incentive elements of the motivation plan to help leaders to motivate their followers.The Role of OrganizationOrganizational structure defines how job tasks are formally divided, grouped and coordinated. In addition, organizations everywhere are putting in place plans to satisfy customers and improve profitability (Jackson and Humble, 1994). Until implemented, plans are just pieces of paper or ideas in people's heads. Key to their implementation are the managers.The Role of ManagerIn the late 1960s, a graduate student at MIT, Henry Mintzberg, undertook a careful study of five executives to determine what these managers did on their jobs. On the basis of his observations of these managers, Mintzberg concluded that managers perform 10 different, highly interrelated roles, or sets of behaviors attributable to their jobs (Robbins, 2001). The roles of managers, according to Mintzberg, can be grouped into interpersonal relationship, the transfer of information, and decision making. In the interpersonal relationship category, managers act as a figureheads, leaders, and liaisons. In the transfer of information category, managers act as monitors, disseminators, and spokespersons. Finally, in the decision making category, managers act as entrepreneurs, disturbance handlers, resource allocators, and negotiators.As more work becomes knowledge based requiring highly skilled workers, and as we understand that poor motivation is a lack of skilled leadership not a lack of desire within people, the command and control approach becomes obsolete. In this new organization, managers are more enablers, trainers, coaches--true leaders. They use their experience and skills to bring the best out of others (Jackson and Humble, 1994). The change in managers roles are due to :1.the information technology revolution2.the absence of a hierarchically-based career path3.the need for greater creativity in organizations4.the increasing focus on valuesFrom the above, we can see that roles managers shift from giving command and control to motivators.Motivation TheoriesThere has been a significant amount of time and energy put into the study of motivational theories. The basis for these studies have been to come up with some working theory that explains what motivates an individual, why, and how this motivation is reliant upon both external and internal factors of the environment in which the individual is immersed. Robbins (2001) listed several theories on motivation. The ones mentioned are:1.Hierarchy of Needs Theory - This theory is based on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of five needs, physiological needs,...

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