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Quality and Innovation in product and process design
Designing Products
· Functions customer wants compared to the capabilities of current products
· Materials used and available
· Product cost compared to what customer is willing to pay
· Supply chain functions with inputs on sourcing, logistics and collaboration
Design process
· Product idea generation – primary source is customer
· Customer future needs projection – difficult to determine
· R&D push for ground-breaking products
· Marketing-generated ideas are usually for incremental improvement of existing products
· Need to understand the processes needed to make and distribute the product
· Technology & development
· Marketing & supply chain
· Manufacturing or processes
Quality function deployment (QFD) *
· Integrates customer feedback with engineering, marketing and design decisions
· QFD has been used to
· Prioritize spoken and unspoken customer wows, wants and needs
· Translate these needs into technical characteristics and specifications
· Build and deliver a quality product or service by focusing everybody towards customer satisfaction
House of Quality *
Technology in design *
· Computer aided design (CAD) replaced drafting s
· Geometric modelling computer compatible mathematical description of a part
· Engineering Analysis different engineering tests such as heat transfer, stress calculations, or differential equations
· Design Review check designs for accuracy
· Interference checking check to see if different components in a product are in the same space which is infeasible
· Group technology cataloguing and standardization of parts and components
· CAI/CAT computer aided inspection, computer aided testing
Concurrent Engineering
· Originally work was done sequentially and handed “over the wall” to the next group in concurrent engineering, work is done as a multi functional team
Product life cycle
· Development introduction growth maturity decline
· Product life cycles are becoming shorter
· Obsolescence is a greater concern for designers
· Product variety and change are more important
· Variety: range of items produced by a firm
· Change: differences in products over time
Complementary products
· New products in a family of products that extend the product line. They typically be products that are for different seasons.
Design for manufacture
· Products that work: cost effective and easy to build
· Use standard material and parts of known quality
· Design to the process capability and set tolerances and specifications that wont strain the system
· Minimize number of distinct components
· Think legos
Design for reliability
· Likelihood to fail over a period of time
ERP, SCM, AND CRM overview
· Supply chain management enterprise resource planning customer relationship management
· SAP contains all functionality in i2, SAP, and Siebel (software vendors)
Definition: the probability that a machine part or product will function properly for a...

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