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Operations Management Strategy In Eye Level Learning Centre (Penang Farlim, Air Itam Branch)

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Firstly, we would like to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude and deep regards to our beloved lecture Dr. Teh Sin Yin for her exemplary guidance throughout the completion of this project.
We would also like to acknowledge with much appreciation the crucial role of Mr. Khor Gee Hean the branch manager of Eye Level Learning Centre (Penang Farlim, Air Itam Branch) who gave us all the valuable information that we need to complete this project. Mr. Khor Gee Hean has spent his quality time to answer all of our questions during the interview section. We would also like to thank the educators of Eye Level Learning Centre for their cooperation during our visit to the centre.
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The eight decisions are design of goods, quality management, process and capacity design, location strategy, layout strategy, human resource and job design, intermediate and short-term scheduling, and maintenance.
We are going to explain how Eye Level Learning Centre makes these eight decisions in order to make sure the service provided by Eye Level Learning Centre goes smoothly and at the same time ensuring the company’s on-going activity are running in a way to guarantee efficiency.
Eye Level is a children enrichment programme designed to allow children to learn and process steadily at their comfortable paces. At first Eye Level was known as Daekyo. Dr. Young Joong Kang founded Daekyo, a Korean company in 1976. In 1991, Daekyo started to franchise in United States and introduced the name Eye Level in 2003 for global branding. Eye Level now provides education services in 15 countries throughout the world, namely Korea, United States, Canada, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand and Vietnam.
Eye Level is a systematic, individualized programme that caters to students of all abilities utilizing a unique and proven learning method. This allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on his ability regardless of the age, school or grade. Each child’s study progression will depend on the student’s pace of learning.
The programmes provided in Eye Level Learning Centre are unique due to the underlying philosophy that instructors must first become students of their own students. Only when an educator sees the learning challenges from the child’s perspective, which is the “Eye Level”, he is able to set appropriate goals and tailor a programme to attain them, one successful step at a time.
The programmes provided in Eye Level Learning Centre are Math, Play Math, English, English Sparks, Korean and Chinese. The centre that we have visited is only providing English and Math. The programmes provided in each centre are based on the customers’ need in that particular area. The centre that we have visited is a newly stated centre at Farlim residential area, run by Branch manager Mr. Khor Gee Hean with the help of two educators, in which Miss Thor Han Nia teaches English and Miss Lim Luen Hui teaches Mathematics. 
4.1 Goals
The ultimate goal of Eye Level programme is to enable all students to experience success in Mathematics while progressing at their own pace. Accomplishing this goal needs several achievable goals including:
(a) Mastery of basic arithmetic operation, their expression in equation, and their application in a variety of contexts associated with daily life.
(b) Proficiency in mathematical thinking, including logical reasoning and the ability to solve problems using a variety of problem solving strategies.
(c) Development of analytical and critical thinking skills which are transferable to other areas of academic study.

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