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Operations Performance Analysis

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Organizational Performance AnalysisEleanor Baughman, Mayra Cosmeand AnnaMarie WilberUniversity of PhoenixSYS 540Josue OrracaMarch 19, 2007Organizational Performance Analysis"Organizations can more readily monitor and reposition their operations in fast-paced, competitive environments, when their performance measurement systems provide them with relevant, timely, complete, and accurate information" (Jensen & Sage, 2000). Professor Orraca asked his class to compare and contrast two simulations addressing performance metrics and organizational performance. The first simulation focused on the needs of the University of Santagreen (UoS) and the other focused on Thistle Woods Hospital. This paper will address the indicators of each organization, metrics used for measurements, established standards for measurements, impact of systems thinking and the impact of enhancements on other parts of the organizations. Let us look at each area and how each organization measured up during the simulation.Performance IndicatorsPerformance indicators are measurements to quantify business goals. Indicators can help an organization measure progress towards those goals. They can provide insights for improving processes, as well as meeting customers' needs and satisfaction. To be effective, performance indicators need to be: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (Wikipedia, 2007). Additionally, to provide meaning indicators should be tied to the organization's mission statement or corporate goals (UoP Simulation, 2007). What are some of the performance indicators utilized by UoS and Thistle Woods?The mission of UoS is "the pursuit, promotion and propagation of knowledge through excellence in education processes." The chancellor was concerned with whether or not the university was positioned for the changing educational environment or if they were losing their status of excellence. They identified three key performance indicators:Graduation Rate - indicator measured by all universities;Faculty-Student Ration - major differentiator and critical selling point for peer universities; and,Proportion of minorities to senior positions - attracts a more diverse student body.Thistle Woods' mission is simple: Honor, Service and Commitment. In order to fulfill this mission, the hospital must continually monitor their performance, particularly in meeting the needs of their patients. The hospital consists of four areas: Emergency Room, Inpatient, Outpatient and Laboratory. Each of the areas had performance indicators measuring their traffic as well a separate indicator for wait times for patients moving between the departments.To be effective, these indicators can either identify potential problem areas as well as track the overall performance of a process or department. How well are UoS and Thistle Woods doing with their performance metrics?Metrics"Metrics are a system of parameters or ways of quantitative and periodic assessment of a...

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