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Operations Strategy For Best Food Pvt. Ltd

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Project Report for Best Food Pvt. Ltd.Operations StrategyIndian Institute of Management BangalorePGSEM 2012Submitted to Prof. L S MurtySubmitted by GROUP 6Chanchal Subhash (1212013)Harkawal Cheema (1212019)Iqbal Khan (1212021)Sandip Jalan (1212047)Supriya Thengdi (1212062) Project's Objective and ScopeThe project report is a research report to validate the pioneer the work of Skinner (1969)[1] on the manufacturing strategy in context of the best Food (ID Special). As part of the research we conducted interviews, secondary research regarding the organization, the focus of the research has been to understand that corporate strategy of the organization and manufacturing priorities. Thereafter ...view middle of the document...

The report includes analysis of the gaps between the competitive priorities of MM and GM by considering demographic dimensions among few others. Report highlights some key success factors of Best Food that should be sustained.Finally the report also includes some recommendations based on Skinner (1969) that Best food needs to consider while increasing its scale of operations and expanding its product range.List of the executives that were contacted and interviewed as part of the research studyMr. Mustafa - MD, Best Food EnterprisesMr. Nazer - Founding partner & Director, Business Development and New SalesMr. Nasir - Production supervisorMr. Venkata Rajesh - Operations ManagerMr. Sujeeth Ravindran - PartnerThe competitive priorities of manufacturing managers are captured through interviews of the operations managers and survey responses and are included in this report.Known report shortcomings: Best food is run as family run business and one of the gaps mentioned by the MD was middle management gap. The sample data for the study is small due to limited number of executives in the company and hence we will not be able to approve or disapprove the outlined hypothesis with sufficient confidence. Also the demographic variability as well as organizational variability between the individual MMs is low as the organization is only seven years old and most of its employees come from the natives region of the founders.Out of Scope: The study does not cover the gaps between operations strategy and operations implementation. The report does not address any mismatch between other functional strategy and the business strategy. The report will be limited to summarize the findings than outlining any corrective actions to any functional strategies including operations or any solution for manufacturing issues.Project MethodologyCreate a project plan: Decide the scope of study, find supporting research materials, plan for interviews with key people of Best Food, etc.Create Study Framework: Create an operations framework with key parameters of analyzing strategic elements and alignment between them. This framework would be used as a basis for further discussions with the company and identifying potential gaps.Interview key company managers from sales, marketing & operations functions, to understand the existing strategy of the companyAnalyze the operations strategy: Evaluate whether the operations strategy (Manufacturing) is aligned to the overall company's competitive strategyAbout Best FoodBest Food Enterprises. Pvt. Ltd. produces and sells home-made Indian food products to customers in Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dubai, Mysore, Trichy, and Kanjeevaram. It offers ready to cook products, including idly/dosa batter, chapati, parota, and wheat parota; and ready to eat products, such as tomato chutney, coriander chutney, tomato thokku, diamond cuts, and rose cookies. Best Food Enterprises sells its products through retail outlets. The...

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