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Opinion Essay Water Bottled

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Bottled WaterBottled water is one of the easiest ways for getting "good" water. Bottled water is every where in offices, airplanes, stores, homes and restaurants across the country. People think that bottled water is the best option for their health instead of drinking tap water because they say tap water is not completely pure. What they don't know is that tap water is the same as drinking bottled water because industries like Nestle gives us tap water in plastic bottles.Plastic bottles contain many chemicals that damage our system by giving us different diseases. This increases the risk of people getting diseases while years pass. People don't research enough about how is bottled water is made and how they are just taking away our money in this type of products.Before watching the video about bottled water, I realized how bottled water affects our system like a person and how it affects our environment. After watching the video I really didn't drank bottled water because I am an ecologic person. I have always recycled bottles and in my old school I promoted ways to recycle bottles, and why to recycle. I realized all the pollution is going on in the earth and I like to keep it clean. Even if I am the only person who is recycling one person makes some how some difference for the planet to breath at least a little bit.It makes me sad how people don't care about our planet knowing all the struggles and the lack of resources we now have. I have my personal plastic bottled to refill to drink water. This is some how good for the planet because we can use one water bottled and drink tap water and recycle.If industries like Nestle are giving us tap water in their fancy plastic bottles to...

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