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Opinion Of Antigony, By Sophocles. Talks About What I Liked About The Story And Why.

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AntigoneThe story of Antigone is a well-written play by Sophocles. Most of the writing in the strophe, and the antistrophe is metaphoric and quite poetic. These parts are a bit hard to conceive what is intended but the thought process is what makes the understanding worth all of the effort. The characters are all extremely set in their ways especially the new king, Kreon. Kreon is one of my two favorite characters because he is strong willed and believes that Eteocles was a patriot and deserved a greater amount of respect for serving his people. I also believe that he should have given his other nephew, Polyneices at least a proper burial just because it was his family.Despite their differences, Kreon was being harsh and should have shown a little more compassion for his other family members who had lost a brother. If Polyneices had not been related to the king, this decision would have been justified but he should have had more respect for his brother's wife. This decree he has made has forced him to loose everything he loved. Everyone dies before he understands what he should have done. He should have just allowed the family to bury their brother to begin with and there would not have been nearly as much loss.Antigone was my second favorite character in this story. She was willing to stand up for her brother no matter what the repercussions were going to be. She is a strong willed person and commands respect for her believes. If it had been my brother, I would have done anything in my power to make sure that he is buried properly. She tries to convince her sister Ismene that it is the right thing to do. Antigone is probably the strongest...

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