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*Opinion Paper On The Legalization Of Marijuana* Pro Legalization For Medical Purposes Complete With Small Works Cited Written Fall Semester Of The 2004 05 Year.

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Many people's eyebrows raise when a discussion on marijuana comes up. It'sfunny to me how most of those eyebrows belong to teenagers, like me, and the babyboomer adults that grew up in the 1970's, a.k.a. the psychedelic funk/flower power/ heavydrug usage age. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everyone did drugs back then, butthe views were certainly different compared to our modern views today.What was the change? The Vietnam War could be said as a primary reason asmany people wanted to escape(Hamric). It was a generation barrier, as all the youngergenerations did not want to be called to serve in a senseless war. It was a way to escapeall of the realities of life at the time, even much like today. Though, scientists, probablythrough natural interest, began to study all of the drugs in use and began to prove theconsequences of long term illicit drug use.It can be easy to understand the viewpoints of all the different stands onlegalization of marijuana. Most people involved in trying to sway the American viewpointall have personal experiences within their respected views. Their jobs, personalexperiences (maybe including ones from the '70s), and/or family circumstances, give abase to these arguments. How can you deny someone else's experience?But then again these pathos arguments can often be too strong. The point of viewof them sometimes can skip over important facts that can throw the whole argument intoabstract.In the 1980's, the Federal Supreme Court decided that marijuana was a dangerousdrug. Not just for possible society health risks, but economic and security issues as well.Since then, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) along with a few non-profitorganizations like the Partnership For A Drug Free America, have spent many yearsadvocating their stance. In their arsenal, they have the D.A.R.E. team, tons of freepamphlets and the availability to win little kids minds at their local schools with a realpolice officer toting a cool looking stuffed tiger. They address all kinds of drugs and allthe bad things they can do.I remember my days with my schoolmates as we listened to that sleek andhandsomely dressed uniformed officer. We spent a long while on marijuana. He told useverything about it, including his own cop experiences, gave us graphs on drug use inAmerica that we couldn't yet read, and more. Tangentially, one classmate asked about thecaterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. That led into a discussion about opium and all theharmful things that can happen accompanied by even more graphs.The information was great! Except, what about the ways these "bad" drugs canhelp people? That opium Caterpillar was smoking is used in a variety of pain relieversprescribed by doctors. I know that if I didn't have that medication during my surgeries,well, it makes me sick to have to think of the amount of pain I would have been in. Andthose people who receive chemotherapy? Some patients get sick to their stomach andcannot keep essential food down. Marijuana is a...

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