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Opinion: You Know It’s Fake News. Great, Does It Really Matter Though? High School English 11 English Written Test

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Opinion: You know it’s fake news. Great, does it really matter though?
"You are fake news!”
__ Donald trump on his first press conference as president-elect.
Information had always been a key factor of ones life, and when ever there are
informations there is always, of course misinformations or the new term we would like to
use—fake news. Fake news’ existence can go back as far as human history, no one
really cared until it went viral after the election 2017 with a push from Mr.Trump. It has
never been receiving this much attention, awareness and spotlight.
Although it is fantastic to rise awareness for such a thing, we are looking at the wrong
target. Fake news are as a matter of course—bad; because obviously we like truth(most
of the time). And you might think as long as we can spot them it will not confuse our
brain, but as I mentioned in the title: maybe it simply doesn’t matter.
First let’s start off with a example of mine, earlier when I was researching for this topic
google offered me 160 million results for me when I typed in key word “fake news”.
What’s interesting is that it has about 100 million more results than the holocaust, and
all the 100 million results have the key word Trump. So I can’t help to get a feeling that
Trump’s twitter deserve 100 million more results than the event that cause over 6 million
death of Jews which I can not understand. But what truly concerns is that not only that
Mr. Trump continue to lie but also it still works. It got me thinking.
So even those that have no knowledge to the holocaust should know that Trump is
telling bloody lies half of the time, why is he the head of one of the most powerful
countries on earth now? And how could this possibly happen...

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