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Opinions And How To Deal With Them

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Obviously, people have a right to state their opinions. Opinions that may be hateful; opinions that many would consider morally wrong; opinions that are the fuel for stereotyping, discrimination, and the condemnation of things that shouldn’t be condemned. But it’s a free country, right? So don’t these people have the right to say these terrible things, without repercussions? I have opinions on opinions, and this paper is a great way to learn about them. To be brutally honest, most people’s opinions on most things do not matter, in some cases there is actually a ‘right’ opinion, and having the freedom to say what you want doesn't free you from the consequences of what you say.
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What I wouldn’t do, and what you shouldn’t do, is go into some kind of righteous rage and yell at them. That is counterproductive. Politely informing the offender that you think they are wrong, and laying out a list of reasons why is the way to go. Maybe they don’t realize that women have been successful leaders before, and that a woman's mental capabilities are equal to those of a man. Remember that even if they don’t listen, you haven’t failed. It’s easy to stay silent, but speaking out, even if you are ignored, shows that you care.
Maybe, when you confront someone, they’ll say they have the right to say whatever they please. That’s exactly right. You have just as much right to say something as someone does to criticize you for saying it. If you are one of those people, who, upon being questioned say “But it’s free country, man!”, I severely dislike you. I already know that. We all know that, and you just sound stupid. When it comes down to it, all people, regardless of whether you agree with them or not, can have their opinions heard. But if you say...

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