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The ceremony of the Lord’s Supper at Marburg in 1529 triggered numerous heartless debates amongst two protagonists Luther and Zwingli. Throughout the Reformation era, debates played an important role, as they were a main mechanism in familiarizing the Reformation into countless towns. Debates were a means of resolving differences amongst like-minded Protestant groups. Landgrave Philip of Hesse had summoned the Hessian Chancellor Feige to send for both Luther and Zwingli for the express and urgent purpose of settling their dispute over the Lord’s Supper. Therefore, the purpose of this debate was to solve the dispute over how Luther and Zwingli saw the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.
Luther undoubtedly believed the colloquy is well intended. “Luther nevertheless presented the ground of his belief and showed where others are in error…” (p. 432). Others wish to verify that a body cannot be in two places at one time. Luther discussed how others created arguments regarding the boundless body, which were based upon natural reasoning. Luther did not inquire about how Christ can be God and a man as well as how the two natures of being God and man could become merged together to become ‘one’. Luther exclaimed that God is more powerful than the ideas of every individual combined and that we were obligated to submit to his word. Luther also exclaimed God is beyond all arithmetic and the words of God are to be extremely respected and done so in admiration. “It is God who commands, “Take, eat, this is my body”” (p. 432). Luther then demanded, consequently, valid biblical proof to the contrary.
After Luther did his opening argument, Oecolampadius spoke. Oecolampadius was the leader of the reform movement in Basel and a Zwinglian partisan. He stated that in the sixth chapter of John make clear of the other biblical passages in other chapters. He...

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Opposing viewpoints Essay

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Opposing Viewpoints Essay

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