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Introduction:Basketball is a popular sport that originated in Canada and invented by James Naismith in 1891 when he desired to keep his students active during the winter season as their access to outdoor sports was limited by the harsh weather. Since the establishment of this activity, the universal game has spread to countries globally and attracts millions of athletic enthusiasts. As a result, competition to become the best basketball player has tremendously intensified over the past era. The environment of the game orthodoxly consists of two nets, both being 10 feet tall, located on a court, with dimensions of 94 feet by 50 feet (Basketball Court Dimensions). There are two teams and both teams select 5 players to compete on the court. Players try to shoot the basketball into the opposing basketball net. Shots sunk from outside the three point line count for three points. Shots sunk from within the three point line count for two points. When a player is fouled during the process of shooting, they are attributed two free throws (three free throws if fouled outside the three point line). In other cases, if players commit certain fouls, the opposing team is awarded 1 or 2 free throw(s) in regards to the severity of the foul (Note that the list of the fouls that result in free throws will not be mentioned as it is irrelevant to the objective of this investigation). For many basketball players, the inability to sink free throws is a devastating obstacle that prevents them from exceling and winning games. Surprisingly, even professional basketball players suffer from this flaw. For instance, Dwight Howard is a NBA player on the Houston Rockets who has made 7 All Star appearances. However, throughout his career, he averages a mere 57.7% free throw percentage (Dwight Howard). Throughout the league, he is notorious for his poor free throw shooting. Consequently, opposing players exploit his flaw by purposefully fouling him as this results in him missing his free throws and giving up possession of the basketball. Moreover, limitations like this restrict players from reaching their full potential. Players, like myself, seek aid and improvement in any aspect of their performance that requires amelioration. Thus, through the use of an online simulation (FearOfPhysics.com: Projectile Motion), I am able to determine the optimal angle and optimal velocity of shooting a free throw (also known as, shooting style). As my ultimate goal is to improve my peers and my basketball performance, I will experiment at the average height of a 16 year old male. By implementing mathematics into such a popular and respected activity, students will acknowledge, gain more appreciation or even spark an interest in the mathematics that exist in the nature of the world.The Investigation:Using an online simulation that displays a predicted projectile of a basketball shot at any distance from the basketball net, any height, any angle of shooting and at any velocity that the ball is...

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