Optimizing Learning In College John Carroll University Informative Essay

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This article is about study habits and the way college students study. Things like time management, effective and ineffective study strategies that students use. It talks about how study strategies such as spacing study sessions and or quizzing yourself. Lots of the things talked about in this article are tip that help you perform better as a student. I am not going to discuss all of the topics in the article but the two points that I found to be the most helpful when reading this article was that even though this is already a given, you must attend all of your lectures. I think this is so important because it is one of the best ways to be successful in a class. You can’t be learn anything if you do not go to class. One thing the article talks about is that in order to successfully learn something, your brain has to go over it multiple times. So being prepared for class is very important. Going over it before class is helpful because you are hearing it for the second time in class,...

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