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Optimum Nutrition Company And Its Advertisements

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Optimum nutrition is body building gears company that has chosen two different commercial techniques in order to persuade the people, to buy pre work out product. The Company followed different commercial techniques to spread out their product and affect more customers. They company have launched two different commercials, which their were many athletics participate on it. The two different commercials have the same idea, but with deferent presenting. The company used celebrities, association and repletion at the first commercial, while the second commercial pointed out Testimonials, bandwagon and association. Those techniques are very affective and the company applied it in hope of having ...view middle of the document...

Optimum nutrition has chosen “Steve cook” famous body builder, he has a lot of fans to promote their commercial in order to gain lots of customers. People trust him as well; People expect that if they use the product they will be same as him. The technique that the company follows at the second commercial seems to be similar to the first commercial, because they use testimonial which was famous athletic at the first commercial, but the different that the company used regular people to sponsor their product.
Testimonials are another factor to affect the people and persuade them to purchase the product. Testimonials also show the people who has used the product and they share their experience and show the people how it is very helpful. The second commercial shows the testimonials technique, which they were, lots of body builders used it and they show and share the result. The body builders were very confident while they are talking which give the people positive reaction about the product. This technique is pretty much similar as the technique at the first commercial. In my opinion the first technique, when the company choose celebrity to sponsor their product is better and affective idea, because people are more attracted by the celebrities.
The repetition is very powerful technique, which make the product remains at the peoples mind. Repeating words are makes the people remember the product every time tell they have it. The first commercial shows “Steve Cook” repeating the word “pre” to remains the people how the product is important and prepare them for the work out. In my view, the first commercial by using the repeating technique attempted to associate the product with the body builder’s work out to stay strong even at their daily life.
Bandwagon is one of the most trending techniques between the advertisement makers. The reason that makes it very trended, because it is very affective technique and the...

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