Options For Implementing A Leadership Change

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University of PhoenixSep 30, 2009Gene One is a biotech company that discovered the gene technology that help destroy disease in tomatoes and potatoes. From this discovery farmers no longer had to use pesticides when growing their plants. Now that Gene One is a successful multi- million dollar company, the Chief Executive Officer, Don Ruiz and his board have come to the decision that in order to expand to keep up with the rest of the industry they will need Initial Public Offering (IPO) capital for new projects, developments, advertising, and marketing. Pressure has been put on Teri Robertson, the heart of Gene One to have two new discoveries so that their IPO can capture new ventures. Because of the pressure on Teri and for Wall Street to be in agreement with this new IPO, she will need to work fast and hard in her discovery. There are strong personalities here that will have to be contended with. The different leadership styles of the four leadership team members, Teri Robertson, Michelle Houghton, Greg Thoman, and Charles Jones will have to be analyzed to see which members will be used to move the company forward. The analysis of Ms. Robertson, Mrs. Houghton, Mr. Thoman, and Mr. Jones leadership and resistance to change will have to be taken into account. Just as in the past the future of Gene One depends on the approach and attitude of these four team members (Robbins, 2007). These four are the heart and thus make up the leadership team that will lead the future of Gene One. Their attitude's individually and together as a team will guide the progress of the future for Gene One.Implementing any changes in an organizations structure can and is a risky process that takes patience and careful planning. During a change, a company must consider what employees and executives are assets to the company and which are liabilities. Another consideration that companies must make is, what type of leadership style these executives will need in order to move the organization forward with the transformation. Throughout the beginning stages of change, a company will find employees who will accept the change, some who will resist the change, and some employees that are indecisive about the change. Rewarding staff with recognition is a common way to bring about change and is recognized as a strategy in encouraging employees to make the necessary shifts to better help the organizational needs and interests (Yukl, 2006). A company must decide what leadership structure will be used and what leadership styles the executives will be made of. "Effective leadership style is now the single most important antecedent in maintaining competitive advantage and in supporting firm performances" (Byrnes & Bradley, 2007, p. 168). Developing such a structure helps employees build alliances which in turn gives the organization that opportunity to gain employees trust. This alliance of management and employees will listen to each other, giving the executives what they need to...

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