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Running Header: OPTIONS FOR IMPLEMENTING A LEADERSHIP CHANGEOptions for Implementing a Leadership ChangeUniversity of PhoenixOrganizational LeadershipLDR/531September 2010Options for Implementing a Leadership ChangeOrganizational change is often necessary to benefit a company. This paper will focus on the changes at Gene One (University of Phoenix) that will help the company be successful. With The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) presumably not a focal point, a discussion on what steps the siblings of the late Don Ruiz must take to change of leadership will be addressed. The paper will also address changes that need to occur before the company goes public. Also the paper will address the leadership styles Gene One needs to adopt in order to move the company forward. The final point will be the future of Gene One.Gene OneGene One is a biotech organization which produces a product that would do away with the diseases that can be found in potatoes and tomatoes. The product would take the place of the dangerous chemicals that have been used on the products to prevent the diseases from ruining the crop (University of Phoenix, 2010).According to the simulation, some officers in the Gene One Scenario have been with the organization from the beginning. The late Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Don Ruiz, he became a successful business owner at the age of 37 and recruited a few friends to help make his dream a reality. Michele Houghton is one of the first five along with the CEO to help with the start up of Gene One. She is currently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). She invested all her money and her time into the organization at the age of 35. For this reason Michele feels like part owner of the company. Charles Jones at the age of 35 was recruited and hired at Gene One two years after the inception of the company. He is the Marketing Officer of the company and known for being a risk taker which appealed Don in wanting him as part of his team. Teri Robertson is Don's niece. She was 37 and part of the start-up team. She is the Chief Technology Officer. It was her ground- breaking discoveries that led to the success of Gene One. Gene Thoman is the Chief Human Resources Officer. Thoman was brought on after the company started at the age of thirty. John Kirby is a member of the Executive Board of Directors at Gene One. Gene is the type of person who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is well known for his reputation in the technology and science industry. Susan Wells, the last of the member of the team, is a member of the executive board. Susan is 62 and well known in the media and the community. She is an asset as well as are the other preceding names mentioned. (University of Phoenix, 2010).Changes Made Before Going PublicWhen an organization needs to make changes it can be an instantaneous change or a planned change. These changes are set out to make a...

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