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A mosque is a building used as a place of worship for Muslims. It is often referred to as a ‘masjid’ by many Muslims as this is the Arabic term for it. There are many features within the mosque all of which are necessary for the mosque to properly function.

The most distinguished characteristic of a mosque is that it hosts the five daily prayers. These are performed in congregation with an Imam leading the prayer. The prayer hall has a distinctive type of carpet. This is since the carpet has sections all shaped like separate prayer mats so that there is no need to take out individual prayer mats for each person attending the mosque to pray. As well as having a large prayer hall for the congregants to gather at prayer times, a mosque generally has separate areas for both men and women to pray. Muslims must take great care to keep the mosque clean, but the prayer hall is even more of a requirement as this is where the people need to pray. This is because the mosque is considered the House of Allah and not maintaining its cleanliness would be considered highly impertinent.

In order to help Muslims keep the mosque in its accustomed state of cleanliness, Muslims are advised to remove their shoes upon entering the mosque. It is another crucial element then, to have a various number of shoe racks outside the prayer hall so that the public know where to leave their shoes prior to the prayer.
Seeing as the prayer is the first and foremost purpose of a mosque it is absolutely necessary then, for it to have a toilet and whudu area where the congregants can perform their ablution in order to purify themselves in the correct manner before they initiate the prayer.

In order to allow people to be aware when the prayer time has commenced, there are six clocks that are displayed on the walls of the mosque. The first five are patently for the five...

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